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Many areas of your Amazon business can be automated thanks to the growth of technology, freeing you up to concentrate on more important tasks. You can very much let data-driven machine learning algorithms handle the grunt work for you, from configuring business alerts to optimizing your PPC ads.

It was just a matter of time until we were introduced to automatic Amazon review software, which simplifies feedback administration and boosts your review statistics.

The Urgent Need for Amazon Sellers

Online reviews are among the top things Amazon customers consider before making a purchase. Over 80% of consumers who shop on e-commerce sites read online reviews, according to a number of research and market surveys. These astounding figures should be enough to convince you of the crucial role that customer feedback and reviews play in building a successful internet business.

The number of customers who are motivated to submit reviews when purchasing online is rather small, though. Extremely few people—probably in the lower single digits—proceed to submit evaluations after making a purchase. We at FBAmultitool have noticed that Amazon sellers may receive two to three reviews for every 100 purchases, and if they’re lucky, four. It should therefore go without saying how challenging it is to gain ratings and feedback for your Amazon business, much less an e-commerce business.

It creates a vicious loop whereby a lack of reviews would impede the expansion of your company. Therefore, the question of how to stop this loop still stands. How can you increase the rate at which you gather feedback? Being proactive is the key to resolving this.

You must use a feedback management system as a vendor that prompts Amazon customers to leave reviews after they have made a purchase. In a perfect environment, you would manually send these emails to your customers, but if you are getting a lot of orders every day, it becomes quite difficult to do so. So the best course of action is to use an automatic Amazon review software. The finest Amazon product review software should have the following qualities:

  1. It must adhere to Amazon’s Terms & Conditions to the letter.
  2. Links to external websites, marketing messaging, or incentives to post evaluations should not be included in the emails sent by these Amazon review tools.
  3. To determine which templates are the most effective, it should have A/B testing capabilities.
  4. Ideally, it should also offer to monitor for unfavorable comments.
  5. Simple integration with the Amazon Seller Central account is possible.

In light of this, we have put together this list of the top 5 Amazon seller software that Amazon merchants find most useful. These feedback management solutions have been available for a while and are trusted by a large number of Amazon sellers worldwide. These programs appear to have identical characteristics at first glance, but if you look closer, you may discover special features that could boost your review metrics to entirely new levels. Let’s look at this:

1. Feedback Express

For more than 12 years, Feedback Express has been a crucial component of the e-commerce sector and is unquestionably the best at handling Amazon feedback and product evaluations. Thousands of sellers worldwide have been given the tools they need by Repricer Express and its sibling site, Repricer Express, to drastically enhance their review statistics, which has a positive impact on their sales and Buy Box win rate. They are experts in both eBay and Amazon feedback collection. They continue to be among the greatest tools available for Amazon reviews.

You can set up automated emails for customers who made purchases from your Amazon store using Feedback Express. Customer assistance emails, requests for seller feedback and requests for product reviews are among the three message kinds you can configure. To make these messages more pertinent to your customers, they can be modified, improved, and customized. Last but not least, Feedback Express assists you in responding to negative feedback by notifying you via SMS and email if you receive poor evaluations or ratings.

2. AMZFinder

AMZFinder is another effective tool for managing Amazon reviews that offers a wide range of capabilities. AMZFinder, which is freely accessible in 8 Amazon marketplaces, enables retailers to effectively communicate with their customers and solicit feedback about their shopping experiences. AMZFinder has divided its services into two categories for convenience: Feedback Request and Review Management.

Amazon sellers may create personalized email templates for product review requests using AMZFinder, and they can send these emails in several languages at specific times or through specific channels. An automated invoice generator, which will deliver invoices to the consumers in accordance with the rules of several marketplaces, supports this customization for relevance.

3. FBAmultitool

FBA multi tool chrome extension– Lets you see on the Amazon product page whether or not you can sell the item and whether it is hazmat-related. The plugin allows you to rapidly assess if an item will sell well by opening a Keepa chart, checking how frequently Amazon has stock, displaying the average FBA price, and doing much more. The Top 5 current prices are listed below the Keepa graph.

Additionally, this amazon seller software has an FBA Calculator included to figure out all of your revenues and ROIs. The profit margin, all FBA fees, the BSR, and the break-even price are also displayed. To assist you in making the best choices, there is also a sales estimator and a private label checker. With only one click, you can also export to Google Sheets. The US and EU marketplaces are both compatible with the app. The US and EU marketplaces are both compatible with the app. If you’re in Europe, you can view the prices in GBP and EUR, as well as EFN fees and a VAT option. Also, they have an Amazon seller app as well!

4. SellerApp

In addition to being a great substitute for Helium 10, SellerApp is a software suite designed specifically for Amazon sellers who want to automate their companies.

PPC analyzer, the first feature of SellerApp, allows you fine-grained control over your PPC campaigns. By selecting sophisticated optimization at the campaign level and keyword level, you can measure your revenues with accuracy. The listing quality checker on SellerApp provides a thorough analysis of your listing’s discoverability and desirability and offers you a list of suggestions to improve customer satisfaction.

Additionally, you may use the SellerApp Chrome Extension to track your performance indicators. If you’re just getting started with a new product, it also assists you with Amazon product research.

5. SageMailer

When it comes to developing a potent review tool that Amazon merchants love, SageMailer has done an outstanding job. It is one of the greatest Amazon feedback request programs available and ranks among the best among its competitors because of its outstanding feature set. In the same package, SageMailer also enables users to track customer reviews of their product ASINs and supports VAT invoicing on EU Amazon marketplaces!

You may immediately personalize your seller feedback and product review emails by modifying pre-existing templates or by using your imagination. Dynamic tags allow you to use images, company logos, and other information in your emails.

That was a lot of information to take in, to be sure. As you can see, we have put together a list of the top Amazon review management solutions to assist you in getting those reviews and increasing your sales. It has never been this simple to actively follow up with all of your customers and ask them for feedback and product reviews thanks to these tools. These tools also significantly contribute to providing your customers with first-rate customer service. In the end, you want to select a tool that is most suited to your company’s needs and level of operation.

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