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FBA & FBM Calculator

Tells you exactly how much you’ll make after fees, taxes & Amazons hidden costs.

BSR Checker

Tells you what percentage BSR your product is (Top 1%, 3%, 5% etc) – Letting you know how fast something is likely to sell.

Keepa Style Charts

Awesome charts showing you FBA Price, New Price, Amazon Price and Sales Rank for 7 – 360 days.

Private Label Director

Don’t get caught selling a private label product!

Hazmat Checker

Automatically checks if the product is Hazmat!

Restriction Checker

Tells you if you can sell the brand or in the category on your account!


IP Alerts

Checks for the possibility of the product causing an Intellectual Property violation on your Amazon account.


Export To Google Sheets

All deals found on Amazon can be exported with 1 click to your Google sheets document

VAT Calculator

VAT registered we have you covered! (flat rate, standard rate & non-vat registered!)

Custom Score Criteria

Tell FMT what min ROI you’re looking for in a deal, and we’ll base your score off of this criteria

ROI Buy Price

Want to make 30, 40,50% ROI we let you know the price you need to pay before you’ve even calculated anything!

Sales Estimator

With our top of the range sales estimator get daily and monthly estimates on any products your research.

FMT Score

FMT is very beginner friendly to it reads thousands of data points to analyze a deal for you in seconds.

Sales Data

Tells you exactly what your Amazon fees are going to be.

Amazon Fees Breakdown

Tells you if you can sell the brand or in the category on your account to save your
precious time.


FBAmultitool exclusive a proud feature we released here first on FMT. We’ll attempt to ungate them pesky restrictions in 1 click.

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The Story & Development Of FBAmultitool

In 2017, FBAleadsUK founder Zak Furness launched RestrictionWizard, the first of its kind deal analysis tool. It started off as just a tool with a restriction checker, hazmat checker, seller data and an advanced FBA calculator, but has since come a long way.

Zak originally developed the tool to help with his FBA business & many other Amazon sellers he knew in the community. They all had the same issues when running their Amazon businesses, and there were no solutions on the market.

In 2018, Restriction Wizard was rebranded to FBAmultitool. The beginning of what you know today. FBAmultitool is proudly developed by a small team of 2-3 members. and continues to grow in popularity throughout the Amazon community.

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Understanding FBAmultitool VAT Calculations.

VAT to be remitted –This is when you deduct your selling VAT from your Buying VAT giving you a true idea of what VAT is owed. Example – 20% VAT———————————Buy price (exc. VAT) 8.33 Buy Price (Inc. VAT) 10Difference 1.67 VAT———————————Sell Price (exc. VAT) 16.67Sell Price (Inc. VAT) 20Difference 3.33 VAT——————————-VAT to be remitted (What…


Amazon offers the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) service, which helps sellers with storage, packaging, and delivery. This frees up sellers, who already have a lot on their plates, and gives them complete flexibility in how they run their sales. The service enables vendors to deliver their goods to an Amazon fulfillment center, where they are…


The system that runs the Amazon search engine chooses which products to rank in the search results using the Amazon A9 Algorithm. Similar to other search engines, Amazon’s algorithm presents results based on keyword searches as well as a few other parameters.Keep in mind that Amazon’s goal is to sell items. High-performing ASINs (Amazon Standard…


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, with a huge product turnover that entices customers from around the worldThe fifth most visited website in the US is With the help of this platform, virtually anyone may present their products to millions of potential customers as a vast virtual mall with thousands of…


Amazon is the largest and most popular marketplace for sellers. It has launched its FBA service to meet the sellers’ increasing demand. Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, refers to the process through which Amazon stores your products in its inventory, processes your orders, and provides customer assistance. With the help of this service, sellers can…

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