4 Leading Amazon Calculators You Should Not Sleep On!

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Active Amazon Fba sellers are already aware of the expenses and advantages of launching a new product. What if you’ve never traded on Amazon before? The hardest and most crucial step is the first one. If you calculate the costs and establish the pricing wrong, you may suffer losses. It makes sense that a novice has so many questions right away. Is selling on Amazon costly? How much do competitors invest in FBA? How much could I make using this platform? I wish I had access to an FBA fee calculator to evaluate costs and determine the first batch of items volume or pricing. Well there are a few for you to test out!

So, keep reading to learn more about these tools in order to understand your company’s financials.

What Is the Purpose of an Amazon Calculator?

The Amazon calculator, also known as the Amazon Revenue Calculator, is a seller tool made available by Amazon that is designed to assess the cost of fulfilling your product orders. This tool allows sellers to roughly compare the cost of Amazon’s fulfillment fees with that of any other 3PL order fulfillment providers.

As the calculation provided may be inaccurate, Amazon advises sellers to only use the free Amazon FBA calculator as a guide. Instead, many sellers utilize this option to roughly estimate fulfillment costs for each sale.

To make an accurate evaluation, you must refer to your Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. Additionally, the New Amazon Fulfillment option aids in the verification of your FBA and Selling on Amazon fees.

You should be aware that the calculations could change based on the market. As a result, you must use the appropriate calculator for the market where you sell.

What Are Some Distinctive Features of an Amazon Calculator?

  • The percentage of each sale that goes to Amazon, represented by the Amazon Referral Fees, is examined.
  • The FBA calculator provides you with an estimate of the expenses associated with product packaging, labeling, and shipping.
  • It also estimates the overall fulfillment fees based on the dimensions and weight of the package.
  • It figures out how much you must pay Amazon each month to keep your merchandise in their storage facility.
  • It estimates the product’s profit based on the cost of the goods, the cost of shipping, and the total cost of fulfillment.

4 Top Amazon Calculators


First up in our list is the FBAmultitool, known for its multiple cutting edge features. Their profitability calculator enables you to forecast how well your product will do after it is sold. The tool gives you all the necessary information regarding the product’s pricing, FBA fees, and other promotional charges, and based on the information, it determines your final revenue and net profit margin. You can install their Chrome extension to visit FBAmultitool or download their app from the Play Store.

With the FBAmultitool you receive extremely accurate data on which you can trust and establish your Amazon business ideas. All you have to do is input the cost of purchasing the product from the supplier and you can get all the information regarding FBA costs, return on investment, monthly profits, and many other things. To make the most of the calculator, it is advised that you watch the video tutorial before using it.

Additional features of the FBAmultitool calculator:

  • Users of Android and iOS can access all the data via the mobile app and access it anywhere.
  • Helps you in locating the most lucrative products available on the Amazon marketplace
  • When looking for products, use a browser extension to quickly calculate the entire selling cost.
  • A user-friendly interface suitable for both, newcomers and professionals

Jungle Scout:

One of the most well-known FBA assistants available is Jungle Scout, which has access to more than 200 million products on Amazon. You can estimate FBA expenses and product prices as well as view specifics about each expense, which helps you determine the best plan to get the largest profit margin.

You may examine where you need to make cuts and where you can be generous with pricing to maintain a positive profit by estimating the entire profitability and doing so. Additionally, it enables you to save all of the expense reports in XLS format, which you may use on any device for future references. Using Jungle Scout, you can also assess whether the FBA deal is making you a sufficient amount of money or whether using an independent fulfillment strategy would be preferable.

Additional features of the Jungle Scout FBA calculator:

  • Product information that is over 80% correct.
  • A user-friendly interface that is more suited for those without a background in technology or accounting
  • Gives you the option to download the financial data for later use.

Seller App:

The third FBA profit calculator on our list is Seller App. The tool offers a simple way to compare the prices of any goods on Amazon. To calculate the profit, all you have to do is copy and paste the product link or write the ASIN of the item. You can use the browser extension to view all costs and profits with only a few clicks, or you can view the whole program’s web version on your computer.

You may contrast the FBA costs for certain goods with their actual costs, including shipping. With the aid of all this information, you can decide more effectively whether to offer the goods on Amazon and, if so, what price to set in order to make the most money possible.

Additional features of Seller App FBA Calculator:

  • Find the profitability using the product’s ASIN or URLS
  • Simple user interface
  • Effective browser addon for speedy recovery of FBA cost, profit margin, etc.
  • Accessible throughout all Amazon markets, including those in the UK, Australia, the USA, and India
  • Web version and Chrome extension for easy access to product information


Another excellent tool to add to the Amazon FBA calculator collection is AMZScout. The programme, which is a component of AMZScout seller tools, determines the product’s total selling cost based on FBA fees, the product price, shipping costs, taxes, and other promotional costs. This last assessment of profitability enables you to alter your product pricing, sales tactics, and shipping choices while maintaining your overall profit.

The AMZScout FBA calculator can be used via the official website or by installing a Google Chrome extension. Simply enter the manufacturing cost (the item’s original cost), shipping costs, and CPC (in case you are launching a new product). The rest is handled by the calculator. Based on your input, it analyzes FBA fees and provides you with the potential profit per unit and net margin as well as monthly profit.

Additional features of AMZScout FBA calculator:

  • Create a report with your profit information, including monthly net profit and profit per unit.
  • Quick estimating tool for Google Chrome while looking for products.
  • Data is directly retrieved from Amazon Seller Central.
  • Accurately determine FBA fees based on the dimensions, weight, etc.

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