The system that runs the Amazon search engine chooses which products to rank in the search results using the Amazon A9 Algorithm. Similar to other search engines, Amazon’s algorithm presents results based on keyword searches as well as a few other parameters.

Keep in mind that Amazon’s goal is to sell items. High-performing ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) will be given preference over ASINs that is just overstuffed with keywords by the algorithm. If your products don’t sell well after a buyer searches, Amazon will demote you.

The A9 algorithm emphasizes sales conversions heavily. This is because Amazon has a financial stake in promoting listings that are more likely to be purchased. As a result, Amazon will give preference to listings with a strong track record of sales.

Higher-ranked products are more likely to receive more traffic, which increases their likelihood of making high sales. This has a compounding impact. Their rating will consequently rise, and so on.

The A9 Algorithm looks for the following factors:

Keyword Significance:

How can Amazon rank you for a product if they don’t know what it is? Your listing’s keywords assist Amazon to understand what your product is and what it accomplishes.

It is more likely to appear in the search results if Amazon thinks your product is relevant to a customer’s keyword search.

Using keyword tools made exclusively for Amazon, you can look up keywords with a lot of searches. Consider the words and phrases that members of your target audience would use when searching. Then, use a keyword research tool to determine which terms receive the highest volume of searches.

Tip: Use keywords that are relevant to your product as well, it serves no use to appear in search results for users who are looking for something different.

Sales Conversions:

It goes without saying that your products will rank higher the more you sell. The search, view, and purchase of products should be regular occurrences in the algorithm’s eyes. Products with high impressions but low conversions will not be ranked by Amazon.

Launching sponsored advertising campaigns is an effective strategy to increase your sales velocity if you have a brand-new product. You might find new potential consumers in the search results by focusing on niche-specific keywords.

If the keywords you choose for your sponsored ad campaign perform effectively, this will help you improve the importance of your keywords by raising your organic keyword ranking and organic sales.

Another strategy is to give a concise and clear explanation of the product’s features, functions, secondary uses, and unique selling proposition (USP) (unique selling point). Use persuasive language and marketing techniques to encourage people to buy. You may, for example, use the social proof technique to show how well-liked and endorsed your items are. One real-world example that you’ll frequently see in well-written bullet points is “2+ million loyal customers.”

Most online shoppers choose in a matter of seconds. Most shoppers don’t read the entire listing before making a buy. They instead base their choice on the product’s title, visuals, and cost.

Optimizing the images on your listing is essential as a result. Include taglines that highlight the advantages of the product or custom illustrations that showcase its qualities in your images. Use crisp, high-definition photographs with a white background that are big enough to zoom in on.

Performance Evaluation:

It doesn’t end there if you’ve created a product listing that is optimized for both sales conversions and keywords. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the performance of your listing to assess how it’s doing and make any necessary improvements or revisions.

You may check how well your keywords are ranking your products by using Amazon’s keyword tracking service. An Amazon tracker program can be used to find out. If your keywords aren’t assisting you in ranking your products, it’s time to revisit the research process and create some new ones.

By improving conversions, generating more traffic, and boosting sales, you may grow your Amazon FBA business by understanding how Amazon’s A9 algorithm functions and how to optimize your listing.

We hope that this overview of the Amazon A9 Algorithm and its operation will help you better comprehend it. Make sure your keywords are useful; using unrelated keywords will only harm your SEO.




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