FBAmultitool vs SellerAmp vs BuyBotPro

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What Are These Tools?

All these tools are very similar in what they do, their main objective is to analyze Amazon product listings to help you make the right buying decision for your Amazon business. These tools work best with Online Arbitrage & Wholesale methods of selling & are used by thousands of online sellers today. These Chrome extensions will load up on the Amazon listing page & display a HUGE amount of useful information to help you decide if the product you’re looking at is worth investing in.


At the time of this blog

FBAmultitool: £13.99/month with code ‘WOW30’

Selleramp: $16.95

Buybotpro: $34.95

Do they work in the UK, US & EU?

YES! All 3 tools work in these regions

Who Released First?

FBAmultitool was formerly known as ‘RestrictionWizard’ and actually launched back in 2017 on the FBAleadsuk.com platform and was given out as a FREE tool to whoever subscribed to the leads platform. It has since rebranded & bought many unique features to the industry.


According to the domain registration database, Buybotpro launched in 2018, the last on our list of tools to join the industry? However, when we dive deeper, this is not the case with SellerAmp as it appeared to hold its domain before any software was launched.

Selleramp registered its domain name in mid-2017 but it’s unknown to us when they actually released the tool in the market. According to YouTube, their first video launch was on Oct 25, 2019, so we believe they held onto their domain well before launching or the domain was resold to them. Hence, making them the last to join the industry from our list of tools.

To summarize we believe the order of release is as follows:

1. FBAmultitool (Previously called RestrictionWizard)

2. BuyBotPro

3. SellerAmp



FBAmultitool (FMT):

Eligibility to sell

Hazmat alert

Keepa integration

IP Alert

Private Label Detector

BSR Checker (Top 1%)

Google Export

ROI Buy Price (Lets you know the price you need to pay for a product before calculating)

Sales Estimator

FMT Score

Seller Information

Stock Levels

Extra Keepa Bar Charts

Auto Ungating (A FMT original feature)

Variation & Review Viewer

VA Monitoring

Buy Box Rotation Table

Reverse Searching

Store Front Sourcing

Right Click Quick Search

Results Page Calculator

VAT Settings

Discount Settings

eBay Search

EU Marketplace Comparison

Adding new features regularly & listening to the community

SellerAmp (SAS):

Eligibility to sell the product

Maximum Cost (Max Cost)

Profit & ROI based on your settings

BSR and whether it meets your requirement

Eligibility to sell the product

Hazmat and Dangerous Goods notations

Does Amazon, historically, share the buy box?

Private Label or IP warnings

Offers Panel

Ranks & Prices Panel

Profit Calculator

Charts Panel

Keepa Panel

Notes & Tags Panel

Google Sheets Panel & Export

Seller Central

Product Panel

Discounts Panel


European Marketplaces

ROI Panel

VAT Settings Pane


Automated deal analysis & buy decisions

ROI & profit checker

BSR checker

Competition analyzer

IP radar

Hazmat checker

Eligibility checker

Suggested purchase quantity

Amazon fees breakdown

Buy sheet automation

Vat calculator

Custom criteria

Profit margin auto-calculator

Sales estimator

Buybotpro score

Competition analysis

Sales history charts


Variation feature

VA toolbox

Mf and FBA fees

Sales heat map

Average graphs

Stock vs price graph

Buy box sharing analysis

Manual sourcing tool

Which Tool Should You Pick for Your Amazon Business?

Well, ultimately this decision comes down to you because they’re very similar tools. It might come down to the layout & design that you prefer FBAmultitool & Buybotpro’s design runs down the whole page and displays all their data in a glimpse.

On the other hand, SellerAmp is more compact & has a wider view. FBAmultitool changed the game when it came to deal analysis, bringing exclusive features to the industry that are now widely used by other companies today.

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