Looking For A Good FBA Chrome Extension?

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Selling on Amazon FBA mainly entails outsourcing product picking, packing, and delivery to the buyer’s address to the Amazon store, which will save you time, and money, and ensure that you have a little more assistance with your business as a seller.

This article will provide you with a list of many Google Chrome extensions we’ve found useful for FBA selling.

The advantages of each extension will be noted next to it, including what it is used for, how you, as an FBA seller, can profit from using it, its important features, and whether there is a price associated with it.

1. FBAmultitool

With its Chrome extension and a 7-day free trial, FBAmultitool aids Amazon sellers in rapidly expanding their FBA businesses. An Amazon seller must always select the ideal keyword for the things they are listing. This add-on aids you in selecting the appropriate keyword for your offering.

FBAmultitool has great features, including the following:

  • Thorough Competitor Analysis
  • Manual Source Comparison
  • Conduct thorough Product Research
  • Create and Improve Your Product Listings

Apart from this, their Amazon seller app has also been useful to many sellers around the world! You can check out their chrome extension and sign up for a 7-day free trial of their tool using this link: (insert sign-up link)

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a superb Amazon seller tool that will assist you in growing your company. Every vendor needs to be aware of how lucrative their market is. You may do it with the aid of this Chrome extension. All of the items you’ve listed can have their predicted sales given to you.

With the help of this Chrome extension, you may perform product research. Additional available features include:

  • Information on the products’ seller
  • Every product’s average BSR
  • Opportunity score
  • Every product’s average BSR
  • Examinations of the products

This Chrome extension is available with Jungle Scout’s entry-level plan, which costs $49/month or $29/month when paid annually.

3. Keepa

In Amazon FBA, keeping tabs on your rivals and their products is crucial, and Keepa can help. With Keepa, you may obtain a thorough price history chart for each item on Amazon. Additionally, it notifies you anytime a product’s price changes. To receive the alerts, you must switch on the alerts for the products you’ve chosen.

The following are Keepa’s features:

  • Obtain thorough Pricing History Graphs for more than 2 Billion Products.
  • Track and Compare Amazon Prices Around the World
  • Adapt the Extension
  • A Summary of Recent Price Reductions
  • Supports Numerous Locales

There are no fees associated with using this Chrome extension. You won’t require any other pricing tracker for your Amazon FBA business.

4. AMZ Seller Browser

One of the best Chrome extensions for speeding up product research on the Amazon marketplace is AMZ Seller Browser. With the help of the search results, you can notice important listings right away on the screen. Amazon has a Facebook group where you may join to receive special product updates.

AMZ Seller Browser has the following features:

  • Rank & Price History from CamelCamelCamel In Quick View
  • Find Out How Many Sellers Are Listed
  • Product Search Using Keyword
  • Supports Amazon.com as well as Amazon.co.uk
  • Include Amazon BSR in all products.

You do not need to pay anything in order to use this Chrome Extension. You can install it directly from the Chrome Web Store.

5. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

In terms of data metrics, Viral Launch is regarded as the second-most accurate tool, behind Jungle Scout. Market Intelligence is a Viral Launch Chrome add-on that every seller has to have. You can use it to better comprehend the markets and your rivals. The free Viral Launch trial will get you started with this Chrome Extension.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence includes the following features:

  • Learn More about Amazon Analytics
  • Access Monthly Sales & Monthly Revenue.
  • Conduct Product Research

You must first sign up for a Viral Launch account in order to use Viral Launch Market Intelligence.

6. Unicorn Smasher

The game Unicorn Smasher’s fba chrome extension is available in two variations. You can perform product research using the free version. With this tool, you can start dominating your rivals. This Chrome Extension was created by Amztracker. You can now begin identifying the ideal products for the category you’ve chosen.

Unicorn Smasher has the following features:

  • Organize Your AMZ Product Research With This Dashboard
  • Receive Best Seller Ranks of different products
  • Integration with AMZ Tracker
  • Estimates Data on Sales & Revenue
  • Obtain Timely, Reliable Data

The free edition offers few features but is completely cost-free. You can access this Chrome Extension for life if you purchase the pro version, which costs $49 all at once.

7. Scope- Seller Labs

Scope by Seller Labs Chrome add on can assist you if you wish to streamline your product and keyword research. You can locate successful goods and key phrases that will enable you to rapidly expand your business. Improve your Amazon SEO by gaining access to millions of keywords for successful products.

Scope by Seller Labs’s features include:

  • Export Keyword Lists
  • Get Past Product Pricing & FBA Fee Information
  • Receive predicted sales and earnings
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Get Relevant Keywords with Just One Keyword
  • Access to Scope by Seller Labs requires a monthly payment of $49 or a yearly payment of $39 per month.


Amazon Chrome Extensions are increasingly important to the FBA industry. Consequently, choosing the appropriate FBA Chrome Extension is crucial. The Amazon Chrome Extensions that we suggest are Viral Launch Market Intelligence, FBAmultitool, and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. The Chrome Extensions on this list can all significantly increase the growth of your company.

I’m hoping that you can locate the ideal FBA Chrome Extension for your company using our list of Amazon Chrome Extensions. Please share your opinions on this list in the comments section provided below.

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