Tips for Amazon sellers for Q4 2022

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The most lucrative quarter on the Amazon marketplace is without a doubt Q4. Amazon’s sales increased by 9% in the final quarter of 2021, totaling $137.4 billion. For Amazon sellers, this success means a lot of labor.

To improve sales on Amazon as the Amazon Q4 approaches, it is critical to begin holiday preparation.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled professional advice that will enable you to boost Amazon sales and perform well in Q4.

Important Q4 Events Amazon Sellers Should Look Forward To:

Keep track of significant dates and occasions to help you take advantage of as many marketing opportunities as possible to boost sales on Amazon if you want to sell successfully on Amazon in Q4. Here are some important dates and events to remember, regardless of what you are selling on Amazon.


It’s crucial to prepare your amazon seller central inventory when the quarter begins in preparation for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November. Before October 31st, make sure your products are packaged and ready to be delivered to fulfillment centers or marketed on amazon seller central.

October 10: Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day (US)

October 10: Thanksgiving Day in Canada

24 October: Diwali (Indian Holiday)

October 31: Halloween, the last day for sellers to order inventory before the Lunar New Year.

You could wish to provide tempting discounts, improve your product listings, and make sure your products are in stock for the holidays in October.


You want to make sure your listings are optimized at this stage of the quarter. For the holiday season, your marketing plan should be in tip-top shape. Additionally, by November 1st, you must send your Amazon product to Amazon FBA facilities.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep some stock on hand in case you need to top off your shipments.

November 1: Deadline for delivering your product to the Amazon FBA warehouse in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday sales.

November 6: Daylight Saving Time

November 8th: Election Day.

November 11: Veterans Day and Singles’ Day.

November 11: Day of remembrance (Canada)

November 24: Thanksgiving

November 25: Black Friday

November 26: Small Business Saturday


The level of competition is at its highest at this point in the quarter, and vendors are providing clients with a variety of bargains and promotions. You should concentrate on driving as much traffic as possible to your product listing during this time. Don’t skimp on spending money on channels outside of Amazon, such as emails and social media, they will help your sales skyrocket. Make sure your listing is excellent and your pricing remains reasonable, don’t be greedy.

December 18–26: Hanukkah

December 24: Christmas Eve.

December 25: Christmas

December 26 to January 1: Kwanzaa

December 26: Boxing Day

December 31: New Year’s Eve


How Can Amazon Sellers Maximize Q4?

Amazon businesses need to plan for Q4 all year long in order to take advantage of the potential it offers. Prior to Amazon Q4, we’ve compiled a list of crucial tasks that sellers must complete.

Start preparing right away

All throughout the year, preparations should be made for the fourth quarter. The summer is a great time to connect with vendors and build relationships. The challenges caused by Covid-19 during the past year have resulted in several supply chain disruptions. It’s important to have a backup strategy because vendors who are continually looking for new suppliers will never run out of stock.

Plan your season’s pricing strategy

While the marketplace has never explicitly said that pricing is the deciding factor in whether you wind up in the Buy Box or not, this is in fact the situation. Competition for the Buy Box during Amazon Q4 is tough. Adopting aggressive pricing tactics won’t really let you increase your profits. Pricing plays a significant role in identifying a recommended seller for a certain product when combined with other elements like seller ratings, customer happiness, and the volume/frequency of sales.

‍Inventory Management

If there is one thing that all Amazon sellers concur on, it’s that you should never run out of products. This is crucial in Q4, a period of increased sales, attention, and competition. To retain control over inventory management, getting the best software and automation technologies is highly advised. Finding the right balance can be challenging, particularly in light of the supply chain’s frequent and unforeseen disruptions.

Analyze trends and innovative products

It can be difficult, tedious, and not worth the effort to try to keep up with the most recent trends. However, you must provide customers with the newest and freshest market trends in order to outperform rivals and guarantee strong Amazon Q4 earnings.

You can check out the leading product categories on ‘4 leading product categories for Amazon FBA Sellers.

Keep an eye on Amazon’s storage restrictions

Regarding storage restrictions, Amazon sellers have encountered intolerably high volatility over the past six to twelve months. Storage limitations, ASIN limits, or any other operational indicators for sellers on Amazon in recent months have become practically hard to forecast due to their erratic nature. You’ll be fine if you pay attention to company news and announcements.

Keep a lot of inventory for January.

Because customers use Amazon gift cards to buy what they actually want for Christmas, January may be just as busy and lucrative for many sellers as December. Make sure you have enough inventory for the New Year because the January sales are still a crucial component of the retail calendar.


The king is content. Brands can stay on top of the game and increase their Amazon Q4 earnings by tracking and refining their ad strategy and keyword effectiveness. Here are some pointers for improving ad campaigns:

  • Review and adjust your PPC campaign structure frequently.
  • Make use of a sponsored brand, sponsored brand video, and sponsored display advertisements.
  • Run external advertising on Google and Facebook.
  • Create social media ads.

Reevaluate Your Listings

You need to work on your listings after creating a plan and making sure you have enough goods. Make sure you are using the right set of keywords as your goal. Run A/B tests to determine how to increase clicks and conversions from product descriptions and images, which you should review for any adjustments.

Obtain Credible Reviews

Automate the requests for reviews. Your marketing approach must include getting the best possible product ratings and reviews. By automatically asking for reviews from your Amazon customers, you may make things simpler for yourself.

Message to Remember

The entirety of the processes required to carry out a successful Q4, such as reaching inventory levels, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, optimizing listings, and other stages, should be finished well before it begins. Only thorough and meticulous planning can yield the desired outcomes and assist in maximizing the hot Amazon Q4 season. Let’s not forget that Q4 brings tons of holidays that you need to spend with your family so as long as your inventory levels are sorted, you can sell your products from your couch using the Amazon seller app. And the FBA Multitool can help you analyze your sales and keep track of your progress.

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